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For years, Frank Kern, one of the juggernauts of internet marketing, processed all of his digital product and consulting payments through a single merchant account. And for years, everything was fine.

Then one day, Frank received an email from his merchant account provider stating they were no longer going to support processing for digital products and consulting. Frank was given 30 days to find a new merchant account, or risk losing his ability to make a living.

About Frank Kern Inc.

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Founded in 2001, Frank Kern Inc. has had a huge impact on the marketing industry with a focus on direct response marketing and education.

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How Frank got to Easy Pay Direct

Frank reached out to his existing account rep with the news (who he’d been with for YEARS), only to find that he had zero control over the situation and failed to set up redundancy for Frank. This missed opportunity lead Frank to sweat as his account rep began looking for a new bank to process payments. Watching the days pass without an approval from a bank, Frank reached out to the Easy Pay Direct team and completed the EMAP application. Within 4 days Frank had his first new account approved, and 11 days later, his second. BOTH had better terms than his original merchant account. 

Easy Pay Direct specializes in not only helping businesses set up new, safe merchant accounts, but also supporting our clients by building redundant accounts and virtually ensuring 100% uptime with their merchant accounts. Our unique process enables our clients to confidently transact without worrying about a 30-day letter from their bank. So...

  • If your merchant provider doesn’t safeguard your revenue stream,
  • If you’re trusting all of your transactions to one merchant account, or
  • If you have multiple “back-up” merchant accounts you are not actively transacting on,

then you need a second opinion. Let our Certified Payment Specialists review your setup and help you get the protection you need. 

Don’t wait until you get a letter from your bank.


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The application only takes 10 minutes and our team is standing by to help you if you get stuck. Protect yourself today.

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